People are always curious about new people they meet. When you meet someone for the first time, you’re frequently asked what it is that “you do”.  That’s a good a place to start our conversation. 

Building and growing organizations is what “I do”. Seeing people achieve their potential is a rewarding and energizing experience, regardless if it’s a department, company or in a classroom.

 Adjectives that describe the new person help to build a mental picture of who they are. The adjectives most often used to describe me are collaborative, leader, persistent, creative, analytical, and results focused.

Often the next question someone asks of a new person they meet is something along the lines of defining their specialty.   My entire career has been focused on leading companies in the $100-750M range through the step changes necessary to successful grow into $1Billion enterprises or realize a successful exit.  These companies typically have enough critical mass to operationalize change but not enough sticky bad behavior to impede growth.  Achieving the next level of performance could be through new go-to-market strategies, international expansion, restructuring, or, frequently, through a new vision and strategy for driving growth in a lean way.

I’ve been fortunate to also be associated with a number of successful exits. I wasn’t keeping ‘score’ along the way until a year ago someone asked me. When I tallied up all the companies I’ve worked with I found that fifty percent of the companies I’ve worked with had a successful exist; that adds up to over $2.7 Billion in value created.

I’ve held executive positions in global marketing, business development and strategy for public and privately held companies. My own entrepreneurial experience is spending over a decade building New Business Strategies into an international and respected strategy consultancy.