Growth-hacking is not just for start-ups

UberAirbnb and other shared economy companies are often cited as prime examples of Growth-Hacking where the product’s experience and design is the primary engine of growth; not traditional out- and in-bound marketing. Held as the new model for marketing or anti-marketing depending on which side of the camp you’re on, the common belief is that this is something just for start-ups… Read the rest of the Forbes post here.

Smart Versus Dumb Customer Support

Consumers today combine research and shopping into one continuous process… with most of it happening online across a range of devices.  They may start on a laptop or tablet and continue the process on their smart phone or at a kiosk.  The expectation is ...   Read the entire Forbes post by clicking here.

Cisco’s User Is the Most Disruptive Force At Work

The nature of how we work is disappointing.   We’re socially isolated, working asynchronously with Skullcandy ear buds on ignoring that thing on the desk called a phone.  Workplace human interaction is typified by endless, boring conference calls or meetings in which no one really pays attention because they’re too busy doing email, IM or updating their multiple social media sites… Read the complete Forbes post by clicking here.   P.S. Thanks for taking this one viral :)

Put A Stake In The Heart Of Marketing List Vampires

For most marketers, lists are the cornerstone of their strategy and campaigns.  Without a database of contacts from companies that fit the target profile of buyers it’s virtually impossible to produce leads.  The list is so key to how marketing and sales operate that a multi-billion dollar industry exists to support just this need. While lists are the lifeblood of marketing and sales, they are also energy vampires and resource black holes… Read the Forbes post here.

Being Contextually Relevant Increasing Customer Loyalty

It’s like the old 1980s ad “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”; success today requires you to always be relevant.  Relevance is a table stake across the entire lifecycle of a seller-buyer relationship, not just when you’re making the sale or answering a customer service question. As buyers move through on their journey, what is relevant to them changes....   Read the rest of the Forbes post here.