Mi6 and I talk Alignment

In this episode of the the B2B Specialists podcast Chris Herbert of Mi6 interviews me.   Get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger and enjoy the interview.  

Doing Double Time

Aligning Sales and Marketing is on the top of every CEO's list.  The state of the economy demands it, competitiveness requires it, and employees expect a healthy, collaborative company culture.   Alignment is achieved through culture, process and technology.  Much progress has been made in the last area - technology - with automated lead management and marketing automation systems.  Yet technology is not the cure all, you still need to transform your culture and processes.  

Five Strategies for Navigating the New Corporate Landscape

Those who hold the Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, title also carry a dubious distinction: They occupy the C-level executive post with the shortest tenure.  To a great extent, the position’s limited life span results from the fact that what was once primarily a circumscribed branding function has ballooned into a diversified strategic and operational role. In addition to traditional market planning and communications, today’s CMOs are often responsible for sales management, product development, channel management, public relations, market research, and customer service -- a broad assortment of specialties, some of which used to report into other areas of the organization.....   

New Article on Public Relations in the Digital Era

In talking about how to shape this website, a friend of mine recommended that I write about things that 'bug me'.  Adrian Lane, who is now an industry analyst with Securosis (http://securosis.com/blog/adrian-lane-joining-securosis), knows me well.   I've been 'bugged' by PR for quite some time.   Customers and prospects want a dialog with their brands.  For companies, this is an easy way to get a gold mine of information on evolving needs, points of (dis)satisfaction and a way to strengthen customer loyalty through relationships.   Yet, companies and PR agencies insistent upon sticking to the broadcast, one-way, old way of doing PR.   Prospective customers, bloggers, editors, writers don't read them. And I'm tired of reading them...and occasionally having to write them.    

October Outlook

September has been a busy month. The feedback from the sales & marketing webinar with PSN and the articles was - "We want more".  More details, more 'how-tos'.   So pen in hand, the weekends have been dedicated to writing several articles. The article on joint sales & marketing campaign management will be published by PSN in October or November.  The article on Marketing compensation models is also in the works.  And I just wrapped up a webcast with Rod Sloane in the UK; he's a smart chap.  

Monday’s TalkCast

Monday is my TalkCast on Aligning Sales and Marketing hosted by Product Strategy Network.  The format is an open audience discussion versus presentation by PowerPoint.  I'm looking forward to this as discussions with active audience participation are always richer.  We'll still focus on making the key points actionable.  As of Friday morning, almost 100 people had signed up for this free event.  The more the merrier. But people need to sign up prior to the event in order to participate. Here's the link http://bit.ly/15o8B6.

New Article and September TalkCast on Sales & Marketing

This week has been busy. My writings about Sales & Marketing alignment continue to receive positive feedback.  Product Strategy Network has invited me to do an open forum TalkCast on September 14th.  After an interview we'll open the call to questions and discussion with the audience.  The TalkCast is free to PSN members and available to the public for a fee at http://bit.ly/15o8B6.  I'm looking forward to more deeply exploring this critical topic with you.